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Demo version

this is not the full version of Drifting Lands but the version alpha 0.7. Please be aware that downloading this demo does not give you access to the full game.

About Drifting Lands

Drifting Lands is an original mix of classical horizontal shooter with modern hack & slash standards. In a few words, imagine the illegitimate offspring of Diablo with R-Type. Fast paced shoot'em'up action with everything you can expect from the action RPG genre in terms of loot, randomly generated levels, etc.

The true objective of this project is to create an engaging experience for both shoot'em'up and hack'n'slash fans. Even if you're not a super player of bullet hells, you'll find a class of ship designed for you and a fair challenge while you explore this original SF world and collect all the loot you can find!


  • Classic horizontal shoot'em'up gameplay enhanced by a skill system directly inspired by action RPGs.
  • Large selection of skills to create your own defensive, offensive or scoring build.
  • Different classes of ships to meet both shmup and hack & slash enthusiasts' expectations.
  • 100 levels of difficulty to scale the game to any player.
  • Tons of loot, randomly generated levels for hundreds of hours of fun!
  • Original art style mixing stylized 3D and 2D.
  • Character centric storyline in a mature SF environment


DriftingLands_v0_7.zip 128 MB